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23 June, 2024

Radio Frequency Spectrum (RFS)

Pursuant to the Law on Electronic Communications no. 241-XVI of 15.11.2007, with subsequent amendments (hereinafter: - Law 241/2007), the radio frequency spectrum is a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum comprising radio waves within the frequency range of 9 kHz to 3000 GHz. Radio frequencies and channels are limited resources under public state property. The state has the exclusive right to regulate the use of radio frequency spectrum and persues is under the law, by taking a number of economic, organizational and technical steps meant to ensure the efficient use of the radio frequency spectrum to meet the needs of natural and legal persons, public administration authorities, defence and national security, to ensure public order and implementation of information technologies.

The distribution of frequency bands for radiocommunications services, as well as the conditions for their use are established in the National Frequency Assignment Chart, approved by State Radio Frequenciy Commission of the Republic of Moldova.

The radio frequency spectrum includes the following categories of usage:
a) Governmental use (national security and defense, civil protection, police);
b) Non-governmental use;
c) Shared use of the aforementioned categories.

Public Institution "National Service for Radio Frequency Management and Cyber Security" is the central specialized body that ensures the technical management of the radio spectrum for non-governmental use. Allocation and assignment of radio frequencies or channels for non-governmental or shared use to electronic communications networks and services are the powers of the Agency.

According to the Law on Electronic Communications, the radio frequency spectrum for non-governmental use is administered by the central sector authority (Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure), whereas radio channels and frequencies for non-governmental use, in particular for electronic communications networks and services are assigned by the regulator (National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology).

Users of radio frequencies/channels must comply with the following conditions of use:
a) License-based use of radio frequencies and channels – for the provision of electronic communications services;
b) Use of radio frequencies and channels based on General Authorisation – for the provision of electronic communications services;
c) Use of radio frequencies and channels based on technical permit – for the use of radiocommunications stations for individual and corporative needs;
d) Without a license/technical permit/general authorization – for the use of short range devices (SRD) for individual and corporative needs.

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