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19 October, 2021

Access and Interconnection

ANRCETI is the authority entitled to regulate the interconnection of public electronic communications networks and the access to public electronic communications networks, services and associated facilities. The procedure of access to public electronic communications networks and/or services is set forth in the Regulations on Interconnection, drafted and approved by the Agency.

The main objective of the regulation of interconnection between electronic communications and information technologies networks and services lies in promoting competition and ensuring adequate conditions for service market development.

In this respect, ANRCETI shall work out principles and rules, impose specific terms meant to facilitate the fast and efficient development of access and interconnection agreements for the purpose of promoting competition and ensuring wide access to services.

The treatment of this issue is based on the following principles:
• Encourage efficient investments in infrastructure and promote innovation;
• Increase competition efficiency and level of market development;
• Maximize efficient use of the existing electronic communications and information technology facilities in order to ensure the access of one network users to other networks users;
• Acknowledge convergence of service technologies that remove traditional boundaries between market segments.

Changed: 22/12/2008