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bd. Ştefan cel Mare, 134 MD-2012, Chisinau Republic of Moldova

of. 503
tel.:  +373 22 251 317
fax: +373 22 222 885

Information and Anti-Corruption
Hotline: 080080080


State Institutions from the Republic of Moldova

14 July, 2024

General data

ANRCETI keeps permanent contact with the industry, users of electronic communications and postal services, civil society and mass media via its official web page and pro-active means of information and communication:
- Drafting and dissemination of news/press releases;
- Providing detailed answers to specific questions from stakeholders of the electronic communications and postal service market, civil society and mass media;
- Organizing and/or taking part in events for the purpose of information and consultation.

ANRCETI is developing its communication with providers of electronic communications and postal services by ensuring the necessary conditions for their participation in the decision-making process, by organizing working sessions focused on up-to-date issues on regulation of activities falling under its competence, informing them via its official web page.

In building up efficient communication with end-users of electronic communications and postal services, ANRCETI focuses on keeping them well-informed and providing consultations regarding their rights and obligations in relation to providers, dealing with complaints and disputes between providers and end users.

ANRCETI continuously informs, by mass media publications, the stakeholders of electronic communications and postal services markets, the civil society and mass media about the regulator’s initiatives, projects, decisions and activities of public interest so that interested persons can receive useful information about ANRCETI regulations, news and situation in the areas covered by its regulation.

ANRCETI co-works with mass media representatives abiding by the principle of transparency, as well as by the provisions of the Law on Access to Information.

Journalists wishing to obtain information about ANRCETI activity are welcome to call: + 373 22 251 306 and + 373 22 251 364, fax + 373 22 222 885 or e-mail

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