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18 May, 2024

Postal services market evolution

Pursuant to Law on Postal Communications no. 36 of 17.03.2016, ANRCETI required, by Administrative Board Decision no.19 of 05.08.2016, that postal service providers submit statistical information to ANRCETI for statistical reports on postal service provision. The information needs to be submitted to ANRCETI on quarterly basis, before the 10th of the month following the reporting timeframe.

By the same decision, ANRCETI Administrative Board approved the statistical report form of the postal provider and the instruction on how to complete the forms. Both documents are available on the Provider’s page of ANRCETI official website, section Statistical Form for Postal Services.

The form is downloadable on ANRCETI official webpage. It needs to be filled out by postal service providers and submitted to ANRCETI.

The statistical data submitted to ANRCETI by providers will be used for the evaluation of postal market trends and for annual statistical reports on the market evolution. These reports will be available in the section Annual Statistical Reports of ANRCETI official website.

Additional information: by phone 022 251 335 or e-mail:

Changed: 14/11/2016