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State Institutions from the Republic of Moldova

18 May, 2024


In order to better inform the participants to the electronic communications and postal service markets, all interested representatives of civil society, ANRCETI, by end-of-year, publishes on its official website its Program of Regulatory Acts Development for the following year, approved by the Administrative Board. This document specifies the main draft regulations planned to be developed for the areas under ANRCETI competence, as well as their subjects and deadlines.

ANRCETI develops the Programs of Regulatory Acts Development pursuant to the legislation in force and the provisions of the Regulation on Procedures of Public Consultation with Civil Society in Decision-Making Process, approved by Government Decision no. 967 of 09.08.2016, and are targeted at ensuring transparency of the decision-making process within ANRCETI and creating the necessary conditions for the participation of all stakeholders in this process

The Program of Regulatory Acts Development for 2018 is available in sub-section Program 2019. The program for 2018 can be found here.

Changed: 2/01/2019