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State Institutions from the Republic of Moldova

13 April, 2024


The National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) is the central public authority that regulates activity in electronic communications, information technology and postal communication, ensures the implementation of development strategies of these sectors and supervises the compliance of electronic communications and postal service providers with the legislation governing these sectors.

ANRCETI also has the mission to protect the legitimate interests and rights of end-users of electronic communications and postal services, by promoting competition on these markets, ensuring efficient use of limited resources, encouraging efficient investment in infrastructure and innovation.

Since April 2016 the Law on Access to Properties and Shared Use of Infrastructure Associated with Public Electronic Communications networks empowered ANRCETI to ensure the compliance with this law by holders of property rights and electronic communications network and/or service providers when obtaining and exercising the right of access on properties and shared use of infrastructure associated with electronic communications networks.

ANRCETI is a legal person with autonomous budget and is operationally independent of electronic communications and postal communications providers. In its activity, the regulator observes some basic principles: transparency, opportunity, proportionality, binding force, technological neutrality and stability.

ANRCETI carries out its statutory role and functions in cooperation with the Competition Council, including by means of mutual provision of information, necessary for the application of competition legislation and electronic communications and postal communications legislation.

Changed: 13/07/2016