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17 June, 2024

Inventory of networks

According to Art. 24 (2) of Law no.28/2016, all the providers of public electronic communications networks shall annually update and submit to the Agency, before July 1 every year, complete information on the nature, availability and geographic location of public electronic communications networks under their operation and associated infrastructure elements. This information is updated by providers annually before July 1.

The information is submitted to ANRCETI within 12 months from the date a decision is adopted by ANRCETI Administrative Board, which determines its format and the way the information is filled in.

The draft Administrative Board Decision on the manner of application and format the information needed to prepare detailed inventory of public networks of electronic communications and the infrastructure elements associated with them was subject to public consultation and after approval will be posted on ANRCETI official website.

The information mentioned above is necessary for the enforcement of Law no.28/2016 and for the implementation of a detailed digital inventory of public electronic communications networks and associated infrastructure elements.

Changed: 13/10/2016