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10 December, 2022

Top-level Domain .md

The Law on Electronic Communications no. 241-XVI of 15.11.2007 establishes one of ANRCETI functions: to develop regulations on top-level management. The top-level domain .md is the code of the Republic of Moldova attributed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), in compliance with the ISO–3166 international standard, as a top-level domain name for the identification of the country in the Internet. The above-mentioned Law provides for the top-level domain .md being state property, which cannot be subject to sale, purchase or lease.

The sub-domains of the top-level domain .md are registered, re-registered and sold according to the Regulations on Name Administration in the Top-level, approved by ANRCETI. The Regulations sets forth the main rules and principles of administration of top-level domain .md names, determines the authorities responsible for the policy, strategy and management of such names, their functions and responsibilities, including the ones of the National Registrar of top-level domain .md names, procedures of registration, extension, modification or cancellation of names from the sub-domain registers within the top-level domain .md.

In November 2008, ANRCETI operated a set of modifications and amendments to the above-mentioned Regulations in order to harmonise it with the new Law on Electronic Communications and to add to the efficiency of top-level domain .md names. The new version of the Regulations establishes, inter alia, the obligation of the registrant to verify the veracity of the data included in the registration form, some of the restrictions related to the act of displaying on sub-domain sites obscene or offensive information, or information aspersing the image of Moldova or other countries, call to violence or may defame the image of the Republic of Moldova on international level, as well as links to sites containing such information.

Changed: 13/01/2009