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14 July, 2024

Top-level Domain .md

Pursuant to the Electronic Communications Law no. 241-XVI of 15.11.2007, with subsequent amendments, ANRCETI regulates the management of the top-level domain .md. The top-level domain .md represents the code of the Republic of Moldova assigned by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), in accordance with the international standard ISO-3166, as a top-level domain name for identifying the country in the global Internet network. The above-mentioned Law establishes that the .md top-level domain in the global Internet network is considered the property of the state and cannot be subject of trade or lease.

The registration, re-registration and trade of subdomains within the top-level domain .md is performed according to the Regulation on Management of Names in Top-Level Domain .md, approved by ANRCETI.

In 2020, ANRCETI approved a new Regulation on Management of Top-Level The new Regulation establishes the general rules and conditions for creation and registration, re-registration, revocation and cancellation of sub-domain names from the .md top-level domain, the powers, rights and obligations of the parties involved in the procedure of registration and use of sub-domain names from .md top-level domain, for solving disputes and monitoring the management of the .md top-level domain.

The purpose of the Regulation is to ensure the transparency and non-discrimination, as well as to reduce the negative effects on the management, administration, registration and use of subdomain names from the top-level domain .md. The provisions of the Regulation apply to the National Registrar/ Dealers with rights to register and administer subdomain names in the .md top-level domain, as well as to Registrants of subdomain names in the .md top-level domain.

Changed: 20/02/2023