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14 July, 2024


Pursuant to the Law on Electronic Communications no. 241 of 15.11.2007, with subsequent amendments, ANRCETI has the obligation to prepare and publish annually, before April 30, the reports on its activity and the evolution of the electronic communications market in the previous year.

ANRCETI has been preparing these reports since 2004. The activity reports can be accessed in the sub-section Activity reports, while the reports on the evolution of the electronic communications market - in the sub-section Annual statistical reports in the section Market evolution / Electronic communications on ANRCETI official website.

Starting with 2017, pursuant to the Law on Postal Communications no. 36 of 17.03.2016, and based on the statistical information presented by the postal service providers, ANRCETI prepares annual statistical reports on the provision of postal services. These documents are included in the sub-section Statistical Reports of the Market Evolution/ Postal Communications section of ANRCETI's official website.

In the first quarter of the year, ANRCETI also prepares and publishes on its official website its financial reports for the previous year. According to the law, annually before March 1, ANRCETI submits to the Government the mentioned reports, as well as the audit reports on the execution of its budget for the previous year. ANRCETI has been publishing these reports since 2009. The reports can be consulted in the Financial Reports sub-section.

Changed: 4/04/2022