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Information and Anti-Corruption
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State Institutions from the Republic of Moldova

14 July, 2024


The purpose of the page "Online Consultations" is to offer quick consultations both to the users and to the providers of electronic communications services. Before requesting a consultation on-line, we advise you to refer to 1) Users’ Page, 2) Provider’s Page or 3) Frequently Asked Questions, where you could find answers to your questions. You can also call the Information Hotline to ask a question. The call is free of charge.

Electronic messages addressed to the Agency are examined as described below.

In order to address an electronic message to the agency, please, fill in the spaces below:
(spaces marked with * are obligatory to fill in)

Remark: You are requested to read carefully how electronic letters are sent and processed by the Agency:
1. Any interested person is welcome to submit to the Agency electronic messages containing proposals, questions, requests for information regarding the activity of the regulator, the legislation governing the sector, as well as other information helpful for both consumers and legal and/or physical persons providing or intending to provide electronic communications networks and/or services.
2. Having examined your letter, the Agency shall provide, as appropriate, an electronic reply (within a 30-working-day timeframe), to the address you have provided.
3. If you would like to address to the Agency with a petition or notification, we recommend that you send it by ordinary mail, to the Agency address.
4. The Agency reserves the right to reply to electronic messages only in cases provided by the legislation in force.
5. The Agency keeps due record of all e-mails received via On-line Consultations page.