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13 April, 2024


According to Art.12 of Law no. 36/2016, postal services and postal payment services are chargeable according to the tariffs that are available for the public. The tariffs for postal services open to competition are established by the postal service providers, while the tariffs for postal services within the scope of the universal postal service are calculated by the universal postal service provider SE „Posta Moldovei” and subsequently approved by ANRCETI. The law provides that the tariffs for services within the scope of universal postal service be accessible, transparent, non-discriminatory, cost-oriented and be applied throughout the country.

Under the same law, the universal postal service provider is required to submit to ANRCETI for approval the draft tariffs for universal postal service, calculated according to the tariff-setting methodology, approved by ANRCETI Administrative Board Decision no. 25 of 20.09.2016.

The methodology sets forth the method of calculating the tariffs for universal postal services and the tariffs for the use of the postal network by postal service providers, as well as method of tariffs approval and revision. According to Law no.36/2016, ANRCETI approves the tariff for the use of the postal network by postal service providers.

The tariffs are approved by ANRCETI in a transparent and public manner and made public at least 30 days before the date of entry in force.

According to Law no. 36/2016, applying a uniform tariff does not exclude the right of universal postal service provider SE „Posta Moldovei” to conclude individual agreements on the application of special tariffs, for large volumes of postal items, to all users, observing the principles of transparency and non-discrimination with regard to both the tariffs themselves and associated conditions. In establishing and applying special tariffs, SE „Posta Moldovei” will act pursuant to the conditions provided in Art.12 (5) of Law no. 36/2016.

Changed: 3/11/2016