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10 December, 2022

Technical Permits for Radio Amateur Stations

A technical permit is a document attesting the right to use one or several radio communications stations, according to assigned frequencies and channels and in compliance with specified technical parameters. According to the Law on Electronic Communications no. 241-XVI, 15.11.2007, the technical permit is issued by ANRCETI. The procedure is set forth in the Instruction on Technical Permit Issuance for radio communications stations, a regulatory act, approved by ANRCETI, in force since 28.10.2008.

The Technical Permit is issued for the following types of radio communications stations:
a) used for corporative and individual needs (radio amateurs stations, CB (Citizen Band), taxi, electric networks, guard systems), occasional transmissions, including via satellite, associated technology;
b) used for relay stations within electronic communications stations.
For the types above the use of radio frequencies and channels is license-free.

ANRCETI issues technical permits within 10 days from the date the application is registered. It is necessary to fill in a standard application form provided in Annex 1 to the Instruction mentioned above and to attach the following documents:
a) Approval from National Radio Frequency Center (CNFR), which contains the results of selection, calculation and coordination of the radio frequency or channel to be used;
b) Technical project of the radio communications station(s), approved by CNFR;
c) Copy of conformity certificate for radio electronic facilities, issued by a telecommunications certification authority;
d) copy of equipment deployment coordination approval, issued by the State Sanitary-Epidemiologic Service;
e) minutes of the station(s) technical measurements, drawn up by CNFR.

The technical permit for mobile networks radio relay stations is valid for 15 years, for radio amateur stations - 3 years, for other types of stations – 5 years. The technical authorizations previously issued by State Communications Inspection are valid through their expiry date.

ANRCETI issues technical permits for free. The technical permit applicants are charged only for the services offered by CNFR. According to the legislation in force, the methodology laying as basis for calculation of tariffs applied by CNFR are approved by the Ministry of Information Technology and published in the Official Gazette.

Prior to the entrance in force of the Law on Electronic Communications (March 14, 2008) the radio communications stations will be used under technical authorizations previously issued by State Communications Inspection. Pursuant to the Law, the State Communications Inspection was re-organized into the National Radio Frequency Center (CNFR), whereas the issuance of technical permit for the use of radio communications stations became ANRCETI’s function.

Remark: the technical authorisations issued by the State Communications Inspection before the Instruction on Technical Permit Issuance for radio communications stations became effective will be valid through their expiry date.

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