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14 July, 2024

Verify your Internet Speed

Surfing the Internet, we often wonder what the speed is. Is it higher or lower compared to others? Do we get what we pay for to the Internet provider? The Agency is trying to help you find answers to these questions.

Select the speed test below (click on the image) to measure the actual bandwidth available and find your Internet access speed!

The speed test is based on measuring the time it takes to download and upload a file. We need to know that the “download time” can be influenced by a series of factors, such as: type of modem used, bandwidth offered by your Internet provider, host or accessed servers, congestions on the Internet, etc. However, the speed test is a good indicator of Internet transfer speed (bandwidth).

Important: In order to verify the Internet speed you need Flash player (most popular browsers have this technology, or you may install the most recent Flash player available on the official Adobe website).

Attention: Since the proposed tests are offered free of charge by Internet sources, the Agency cannot guarantee an advanced degree of test results precision. In order to make the results more exact, make sure no updating or other bandwidth-consuming application is running on your computer, test the speed several times under the same conditions or use another test. The Internet provides many more tests to verify your Internet access speed.


Speed Test
(download and upload)

offered by Ookla

Changed: 4/04/2014