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13 April, 2024

General Data on Market Supervision

ANRCETI is a central public authority empowered, inter alia, to supervise compliance with the legislation pertaining to:
1) the electronic communications market (Art. 8 of the Law on Electronic Communications no. 241-XVI of September 15, 2007, with subsequent amendments);
2) the postal communications market (Art. 4 of the Law on Postal Communications no. 36 of March 17, 2016, with subsequent amendments);
3) acquiring and exercising the right of access to properties and shared use of physical infrastructure and/or infrastructure associated with public electronic communications networks (Art. 3 of the Law on Access to Properties and Shared Use of Infrastructure Associated with Public Electronic Communications Networks No. 28 of March 10, 2016, with subsequent amendments);
4) the market for the sale of non-food products (art. 7 of the Law on Market Surveillance relating to Marketing of Non-food Products, no. 7 of February 26, 2016, with subsequent amendments; Program 2023);
5) regarding prevention and fight against money laundering and terrorism financing (Art. 15 of the Law on Prevention and Fight against Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing no. 308 of December 22, 2017, with subsequent amendments).

The basic principles governing ANRCETI’s supervision activity, in the areas prescribed by legislation, are the following:
1) proportionality of applied corrective measures with the level of risk for the public interest;
2) objectivity, impartiality and competence;
3) availability and transparency of information in the supervised areas;
4) admitting of no duplication of supervisory functions of other authorities;
5) protection of rights and interests of economic entities (providers) and consumers (users);
6) increasing awareness of economic entities(providers) regarding their responsibility towards consumers (users);
7) inadmissibility of discrimination against economic entities (providers) and prevention of unfair competition;
8) conducting supervision activities by planning, systematizing and continuously improving their quality, through periodic analysis and evaluation;
9) protection of confidential information, obtained during supervision activities;
10) observing, when applying sanctions for non-compliance with the legislation, the principle of proportionality between the size of the sanction and the damage caused by the admitted violation.

The supervision activities carried out by ANRCETI include:
1) implementation of state policy in this field;
2) monitoring the implementation of the relevant legislation in force;
3) carrying out verifications on the market of services (products) in the fields under competence, in accordance with the established requirements;
4) applying corrective measures to ensure that the services (products) comply with the established requirements and checking whether these measures are effectively applied;
5) monitoring the activities of economic entities (providers);
6) generalization of the market supervision practice, examination and submission of proposals to draft normative acts in the corresponding field;
7) generalization of market supervision results, analysis of the causes for identified violations, examination and submission of proposals for revising the regulations, where the requirements established in the applicable regulations do not ensure an adequate level of protection of public interests or consumers (users);
8) monitoring the market in terms of compliance of services (products) made available to consumers (users) with the requirements of the regulations;
9) examination of complaints or reports regarding the risks arising in relation to the services (products) subject to the relevant legislation;
10) taking appropriate measures to timely warn consumers (users) about inappropriate services (products), in order to reduce the risk of damages;
11) exercising other duties established by law in the fields under competence.

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