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20 June, 2019

Petitions and Complaints

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End users of electronic communications services can send petitions to ANRCETI, pursuant to the procedure laid down in the Law on Petitions no. 190-XIII of 19.07.1994. A petition is submitted in written form or electronically to ANRCETI address. It must be signed by the petitioner and obligatorily provide his (her) name, surname and place of residence. Petitions non-complying with these requirements are considered only where they provide information pertaining to national security and public order.

ANRCETI considers pending petitions within 30 days. However, they are considered immediately or within 15 days of their registration, where no additional examination is necessary. In special cases, the lead-time may be extended by ANRCETI Director of Deputy Directors by one month at most, of which the petitioner must be informed.

The petitions – requests for official information, are considered by ANRCETI within the timeframes as established in Art. 16 of the Law on Access to information no. 982-XIV of 11.05.2000.

Where end users of electronic communications services consider their rights have been violated by providers of such services, they can address to ANRCETI for dispute resolution by submitting complaints. According to the new Regulations on dispute resolution procedure in electronic communications, in force since 28.10.208, where the disputes between end users and providers failed to be amiably solved by the parties, they have the right to apply to the Agency in order to obtain mediation.

In the given situation, the interested party must submit to ANRCETI an application, personally, by a representative or via registered mail with advice of delivery, by fax or by an electronic entry with authenticated digital signature, based on a public key certificate, unsuspended or unrevoked at the moment of submission. Before addressing to ANRCETI, the complainant must submit the complaint to the provider – party to the dispute. Where the complainant disagrees with the provider’s decision or no response was provided within the timeframe as set by the legislation, he has the right to submit the complaint to ANRCETI for dispute resolution or to competent court.

The mediation procedure applied for the disputes between end-users and providers of electronic communications services cannot exceed 30 days as of the date the Agency has been notified on the matter. Where, in a 30-day timeframe since the complaint has been received, the parties failed to come to an agreement, ANRCETI will provide its adequately motivated opinion, bearing a recommendation character, regarding the ways of dispute resolution.

Contact: Ms Stela Iacob, tel. +373 22 251-364, e-mail:

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