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14 July, 2024

Electronic Communications Market evolution

Pursuant to Law on Electronic Communications no. 241-XVI of 15.11.2007, with subsequent amendments, public electronic communications network and/or service providers, at ANRCETI request, presents, within the deadlines and the level of detail set by the regulator, statistical data about the situation on the market segments, where they operate.

In order to submit the data, providers need to download from ANRCETI official website and fill out the statistical reports forms, which were approved by ANRCETI Administrative Board Decision no. 33 of 17.11.2011, with subsequent amendments.

The contents of the forms, the category of providers eligible to fill out the forms and the deadlines for submitting the information are described on the Provider’s Page of ANRCETI website, section Electronic Communications Statistical Forms. The section also provides the Instructions on filling out statistical reports, approved by ANRCETI Administrative Board Decision no. 33 of 17.11.2011, with subsequent amendments.

The statistical information received and processed by ANRCETI is used to assess the trends of the electronic communications market, to make the market analysis and draft annual and quarterly statistical reports on the market evolution. The reports are available under sections Quarterly Statistical Reports and Annual Statistical Reports of ANRCETI official website.

Meanwhile, based on statistical data about the evolution of fixed broadband services in districts and municipalities of Moldova, ANRCETI annually develops and updates an electronic map illustrating the development of these services in administrative-territorial units. Those data are available in section Broadband Service Map of ANRCETI website.

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