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14 July, 2024

General authorization in electronic communications sector

General authorization is a legal regime applicable to the provision of public electronic communications networks and services, which determines the rights and obligations for providers of all types of networks or services. Under this regime, the notification procedure is applied, which does not provide for the adoption of any decision or any other administrative act by the Agency. This means that the natural person or legal entity intending to provide electronic communications network and / or services must first file a notification to the Agency and then begin operation.

ANRCETI started to apply the new procedure on September 15, 2008, as the clauses of Chapter IV of the Law on Electronic Communications no.241 of 15.11.2007 entered in force. The procedure is set by the aforementioned law and also by the Regulations on General Authorization Regime and License Issuance for Use of Limited Resources for Provision of Public Electronic Communications Networks and Services, approved by ANRCETI Administrative Board Decision no. 57 (doc. in state language) of 21.12.2010 and published in the „Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova” on 04.02.2011.

According to the Regulations, the general authorization regime is applicable to the following types of public networks:
1) Terrestrial networks with access at fixed location;
2) Terrestrial networks for electronic communications distribution (last mile);
3) Terrestrial networks for electronic communications transportation (backbone);
4) Terrestrial cell mobile radion networks;
5) Terrestrial broadcasting networks;
6) Satélite Access networks.

and to the types of services as follows:
1) Telephony services;
2) Call transportation services;
3) Leased line services;
4) Data transmission services;
5) Internet Access Services;
6) Audiovisual program services.

Detailed description of electronic communications networks and services is available in the Classified List of Types of Networks and Services subject to general authorisation regime (Annex no.1 to the Regulations - doc. in state language).

In accordance with the Law on Electronic Communications, the Agency develops, updates and amends the general authorization conditions for various types of networks and services that lay down the terms under which they can be provided, thus defining the providers’ rights and obligations for every type of network or service. The provisions of the general authorization conditions are prescribed in Art. 23, section 13 of the Law on Electronic Communications.

The general authorization is not time-limited. ANRCETI performs all the procedures related to the general authorization regime, including the entry in the Public Register of Providers of Electronic Communications Networks and Services free of charge.

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