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14 July, 2024

General data

In April 2016, pursuant to Law on Postal Communications no.36 of 17.03.2016 (hereinafter Law no. 36/2016) ANRCETI took over the duties of regulation and supervision of the postal service market.

Law no. 36/2016, in force since April 29, 2016, sets forth the main terms and conditions of activity in postal communications, the legal framework for postal service provision and for access to universal postal service, the relations between postal service providers and users of postal services, the rights and obligations of the state, natural people and legal persons in this sector.

ANRCETI’s new responsibilities assigned by Law No.36/2016 consist in the implementation of the policy documents in the field of postal communications, the general authorization regime for postal service provision, supervision and control of compliance with obligations under the law of the universal postal service provider and with the general authorization conditions, control of the universal postal service provider’ performance and compliance with quality of services standards, examination and resolution of complaints from postal service users, as well as disputes between postal service providers.

ANRCETI is also responsible for approving the tariffs for postal services within the scope of the universal postal service and the tariffs for the use of the postal network by providers, in accordance with the tariff-setting methodology, approved by ANRCETI, for developing regulations on mechanism for financing and compensating the net cost of postal services within the scope of the universal postal service, establishing principles and rules for use of the public postal network of the universal postal service provider.

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