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10 August, 2022

International Relations

Eastern Partnership Electronic Communications Regulators Network (EaPeReg) – ongoing project financially supported by the European Commission

Starting January 1, 2013, the regulatory authorities in the field of electronic communications in the Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine), including ANRCETI, are parties to a Technical Assistance Project - Eastern Partnership Electronic Communications Regulators Network (EaPeReg).

EaPeReg was created based on the Memorandum of Understanding establishing the Network, a document signed by the regulators of the EaP countries at a meeting held in September 2012 in Chisinau. EaPeReg’s objective is deep cooperative between the regulators of the EaP region and the EU, coordination of regulatory principles to increase the efficiency and predictability of this activity.

Within the project, EaPeReg is studying and disseminating the experience and best practices of the EU regulatory authorities through regular exchanges of information and experience in workshops focused on current regulatory issues of the electronic communications markets. The project participants monitor the evolution of the electronic communications markets in the EaP and EU countries by conducting systematic benchmarking analyzes on sector development and evolution of the regulatory frameworks in the EaP countries and in line with the EU ones.

The EaPeReg Network has plenary sessions twice a year. During these meetings, issues related to the current and future activities of the EaPeReg are discussed, the annual activity reports and the plans for the next year are examined and approved, the election of the Chair and Vice-Chair take place.

In December 2014, EaPeReg signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the European Regulators' Association for Electronic Communications (BEREC). This document seeks to encourage the cooperation between the parties and to support the efforts of the EaPeReg Group to effectively address the current and future challenges related to the regulation of the electronic communications sector. Under this Memorandum, the EaPeReg Group is assisted by experts from BEREC in conducting seminars and other actions related to the exchange of ICT regulatory experience.

The Network is currently functioning under the EaP Panel on the Harmonization of Digital Markets (the "HDM Panel") and the new EU4Digital program implementation initiative.

More information about EaPeReg is available on

 Memorandum of Understanding of the Eastern Partnership Regulators Network (EaPeReg)
 Memorandum of Understanding between EaPeReg and BEREC
Extension Statement of the Memorandum of Understanding between BEREC and EaPeReg

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