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29 February, 2024

Relevant Market Analyses

The relevant market is defined by the Law on Electronic Communications no. 241-XVI of 15.11.2007 as a market of electronic communications products and/or services, the nature of which can justify imposition of specific obligations by law.

ANRCETI conducts relevant market analysis at least every two years, in order to ascertain whether the market is effectively competitive. If the market is ascertained to be effectively competitive, this means none of the providers enjoy significant market power on that particular market. ANRCETI establishes whether the market is effectively competitive on basis of the relevant market analysis, which is conducted in accordance with the corresponding regulations, and consults the competition protection authority in this process. As a result of this analysis, the Agency has the right to impose, maintain, modify or withdraw obligations on providers of electronic communications networks and/or services.

Where, as a result of a market analysis conducted under the law, the Agency determines that a relevant market is effectively competitive, ANRCETI does not impose and does not maintain any special obligation or must withdraw them, if there are any. At least 30 days before any such obligations are withdrawn, ANRCETI must notify this intention to the persons that can be affected by this action, to allow them to adapt to the new conditions.

Where the result of a market analysis proves the relevant market is not effectively competitive, ANRCETI, as required by the regulations, identifies the providers of electronic communications networks and/or services with significant market power. Once identified, it is the case when ANRCETI has the right to impose on those providers one or more obligations specified in the Law on Electronic Communications.

Changed: 8/12/2008