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26 February, 2024

Access and Interconnection

Where as a result of a market analysis, conducted under the Law on Elecronic Communications no.241 of 15.11.2007, a provider is designated as having significant market power on a relevant market, ANRCETI is entitled to impose on such providers the obligation to publish on their Web pages Reference Interconnection Offers (RIO) and Reference Offers for Access to the local Loop (ROA). The Reference Offer is a technical and commercial offer that contains terms and conditions of interconnection and/or access, by which the provider undertakes the obligation to include in any interconnection or access agreements a minimum set of obligations he intends to fulfill.

The Reference Interconnection Offer is a detailed description of network or associated facilities elements, according to market needs, technical and commercial conditions, technical specifications, network features, conditions of provision and use, accounting information and the tariffs applied to every element, charged to alternative providers.

The Reference Offer for access to the local loop includes similar requirements, related to this type of access. The local loop is the physical circuit connecting the network termination point at the subscriber's premises to the main distribution frame in the fixed public telephone network or an equivalent facility in a public electronic communications network. The offer must be detailed to such an extent that would enable the access to the local loop and the interconnection at all network points, where that is technically feasible and that would not charge the applying providers for resources that are not necessary for the provision of a specifically requested service.

The requirements for the development of reference offers for interconnection and access to the local loop are set forth in the regulations on Interconnection.


Reference offers for interconnection and access:

JSC "Moldtelecom"
Reference interconnection offer
Agreement on mobile network interconnection
Agreement on local network interconnection
Reference Access Offer
Agreement on local loop/sub-loop access
JV "Orange Moldova" JSC
Reference interconnection offer
Model agreement for direct interconnection
Model interconnection agreement for indirect interconnection
JSC "Moldcell"
Reference interconnection offer
Interconnection agreement

Changed: 3/02/2012