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23 June, 2024

Market Evolution

The annual evolution of the electronic communications services market are reflected in the agency’s Reports on its activity and evolution of electronic communications in the previous year. According to the Law on Electronic Communications, the Agency must develop and publish annual Reports before April 30. All the Reports are available here.

  Mobile Communications
Situation on: 23.08.2016.
Update period: IInd quarter, 2016.

(.pdf, 133 KB)
  Mobile Internet access
Situation on: 25.05.2016.
Update period: Ist quarter, 2016.

(.pdf, 142 KB)
  Fixed Telephony
Situation on: 01.09.2016.
Update period: IInd quarter, 2016.

(.pdf, 182,5 KB)
  Fixed Internet and data transmissions
Situation on: 05.09.2016.
Update period: IInd quarter, 2016.

(.pdf, 147 KB)
Situation on: 25.08.2016.
Update period: IInd quarter, 2016.

(.pdf, 247,4 KB)

The quarterly situation on these markets is presented by the Agency team proceeding from the synthesis of the statistical data quarterly collected from electronic communications networks and/or service providers.

Changed: 8/09/2016