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18 May, 2024

Mobile penetration rate reached 104,3%

In 2011, the total number of mobile users increased by 17,4% over 2010 and exceeded 3 million 715 thousand, whereas the penetration mobile rate, per 100 people, increased by 15,5 percentage points and, for the first time in this country, reached 104,3%. These data, pertaining to the market evolution last year, are available with the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI).

Of the total number of users, 3 million 587 thousand are connected to mobile services, 124 thousand – to mobile Internet access, the rest – to other services. The statistical data reported to ANRCETI by the three mobile providers (JSC “Orange Moldova”, JSC „Moldcell” and JSC “Moldtelecom”) show that over 3 million 241 thousand (89,7%) are active users, and 370,2 thousand (10,3%) – are passive. ANRCETI methodology defines the active users as those users, who, during the last three months prior to the reporting, have paid and/or consumed at least one mobile service, whereas the passive users – no service whatsoever.

The data also show that in 2011 JSC „Moldcell connected the highest number of new users – about 325,9 thousand. The client base of this provider grew by 31,5% over 2010, reaching 1 million 360,1 thousand. JSC “Moldtelecom”, providing mobile services under the brand “Unite” recorded the most rapid increase in the number of users. During one year, the “Unite” client base increased by 71,7% (94,1 thousand users) and reached 225,3 thousand. The biggest mobile provider – JSC “Orange Moldova” – recorded 6,5% (129,8 thousand) increase in the number of users, having 2 million 129,5 thousand users as of January 1, 2012.

As a result of the higher number of mobile users and traffic (+15%) the total volume of mobile sales increased over 2010 by over 4,5% and exceeded 3 billion 610,6 million lei. Mobile services generated higher revenues for all the three providers. JSC “Moldtelecom” increased turnover by 31,1%, JSC „Moldcell” – by 10,4%, and JSC “Orange Moldova” – by 1,5%.

The average revenue per user (ARPU) in the mobile sector was 89,6 lei, a decrease by 9,8%: JSC “Orange Moldova” – 104,1 lei ARPU, JSC „Moldcell” – 67,2 lei and JSC “Moldtelecom” – 66,8 lei. The ARPU decreased as a result of lower retail tariffs for end users and wholesale tariffs for mobile call termination.

In the reporting timeframe, in terms of turnover, the market was structured as follows: 70,84% – JSC “Orange Moldova”, JSC „Moldcell” – 25,57%, and SA “Moldtelecom” – 3,59%.

Other detailed information on mobile market development in 2011 is available on the Agency Web page:, in the compartment „Statistical Data”.

March 27, 2012

Changed: 11/04/2012