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23 February, 2024

ANRCETI is announcing a tender to select centralized data base administrator for implementation of telephone number portability

The National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology, (ANRCETI), is hereby announcing a tender to select the centralized data base administrator for the implementation and realization of telephone number portability in the Republic of Moldova. The applications for participation in the tender and the bids can be submitted in the timeframe June 15 – July 30, 2012, to ANRCETI office address: 134 Stefan cel Mare bd., MD 2012, Chisinau municipality, Republic of Moldova.

All the administrative processes related to the telephone number portability will be managed by means of the centralized data base. The mission of the tender winner will be to organize, operate, administrate and maintain this data base, coordinate and control the number porting process. 

The centralized data base administrator will be selected in an open, international tender, by applying the comparative selection procedure, following the criteria set in the Terms of Reference.

Legal persons from the Republic of Moldova, legal persons from abroad, civil societies/associations of legal persons from the Republic of Moldova and/or abroad are invited to submit applications and bids.

The tender will take place in the timeframe 06.08.2012 – 20.08.2012. It will be opened at ANRCETI office at 10.00 (Chisinau time), on 06.08.2012. Candidates are welcome to submit to ANRCETI office address the application for participation, accompanied by the bid, prepared in compliance with the Terms of Reference and Tender Procedure.

The Announcement, the Terms of Reference, the Tender Procedure and other documents pertaining to the process of number portability implementation in the R. Moldova are available on ANRCETI Internet site:

June 15, 2012

Changed: 15/06/2012