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15 April, 2024

Public Session to Approve Standard Statistical Reports Forms for Providers of Electronic Communications Networks and/or Services

The Administrative Board of the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI – is inviting stakeholders to a public session, scheduled for Thursday, November 17, at 14.00, to review and adopt the draft (doc. in state language) ANRCETI Administrative Board approving the standard statistical report forms for providers of electronic communications networks and/or services. The session will take place at ANRCETI office, 5th floor, Conference Room, (134, Stefan cel Mare).

The draft document was developed by the Agency pursuant to the Law on Electronic Communications and is intended to bring the existing statistical forms into line with the requirements of a modern electronic communications markets, to extend the amount of information ANRCETI needs in order to assess the situation on the electronic communications market, for the development of quarterly and annual statistical reports, market analysis, for verifying compliance providers to the requirements of the general authorization, licenses and other regulations.

The document was subject to public consultations, on July - August 26, 2011, on the Agency Web page. ANRCETI received comments on the proposed document from JSC „Orange Moldova”, in which the provider requests that guidelines be developed to explain how the new statistical forms should be filled in. The Agency developed the Guidelines (doc. in state language); it is available on the ANRCETI Web site. The Explanatory Note (doc. in state language), accompanying the document specifies that the Decisions being adopted, both the statistical forms and the Guidelines will be made publicly available on the Agency Web site.

The draft document contains five standard statistical report forms: CE-1 „Operated Networks and Services Provided”, CE-2 „Fixed Networks and Services”, CE-3 „Mobile Networks and Services”, CE-4 „Audiovisual Networks and Services” and CE-5 „Geographic Specification of Provided Services”. It is for the first time that ANRCETI has proposed CE-5 form, in order to be able to collect data regarding the development of fixed telephony, broadband access and multichannel audiovisual services in every locality of the Republic of Moldova. These data will serve as basis for subsequent broadband development actions in areas underdeveloped in this respect. The CE-5 form will be annually filled in by the providers of electronic communications networks and service at fixed locations, broadband access and multi-channel TV.

The CE-1 form is to be filled in and submitted to ANRCETI annually by all the providers of electronic communications networks and/or services, whereas the CE-2, CE-3 and CE-4 – quarterly.

According to the draft document, the data included in the quarterly reports will be cumulatively calculated during the reporting year. The providers are required to submit the statistical reports to ANRCETI within 45 days as of the end of the reporting timeframe.

November 10, 2011

Changed: 14/11/2011