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18 May, 2024

Public Consultations: Draft Decision on Approving Statistical Report Forms for Providers of Public Electronic Communications Networks and/or Services

The National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI – is proposing for public consultations draft (doc. in state language) Administrative Board Decision to approve statistical report forms for providers of electronic communications networks and/or services. Stakeholders are invited to provide recommendations before August 26, 2011, to Telephone number: 251-334.

The draft document was developed based on Art. 9 (1) l), s), u), Art. 10 (1) e), f), and Art. 11 (9) of the Law on Electronic Communications no.241-XVI of November 15, 2007 and it will replace the Administrative Board Decision of the former National Regulatory Agency for Telecommunications and Informatics (ANRTI) no. 02/1 of 04.02.2004, modified and amended by ANRTI decision no. 1 of 06.01.2005, which was based on the Law on Telecommunications no. 520 of 07.07.1995.

The Explanatory Note (doc. in state language) accompanying the draft decision provides the justification for the necessity to adopt the decision:
- Adjustment of statistical report forms to the provisions of the Law on Electronic Communications;
- Market analysis process requires additional information to be collected;
- The cost calculation process to certain services requires collection of data on cost calculation models and provision of relevant information for that;
- For market segmentation it is necessary to delimit the wholesale services from retail ones;
- It is necessary to introduce new indicators to different services.

July 14, 2011

Changed: 15/07/2011