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29 February, 2024


The Methodology for calculation of maximum tariffs for the right of access to public properties and/or shared use of physical infrastructure (hereinafter – the Methodology), in force since January 6, 2017, is intended to facilitate the re-use of physical infrastructure under public property by providers of public electronic communications for installation of network elements by setting a number of single methodological principles for tariff calculation by infrastructure managers. The document is available on ANRCETI official web site.

The methodology establishes the method of tariff calculation for the right of access to public property and/or shared use of physical infrastructure, the structure of these tariffs, specifying the direct costs included, as well as the costs not included therein. The tariffs are calculated as a lump sum, payable by the provider of electronic communications networks, following the conclusion of the contract of access to the public property with the holder of the right of property management.

The tariffs may be amended once within 12 successive months, and the same principles and rules laid down by the methodology shall be considered for the amendments. If the electronic communications network provider does not agree with the proposed tariffs, or in negotiating the contract the parties cannot agree on mutually acceptable prices, either party can refer to ANRCETI for dispute resolution.

Contacts for additional information about the methodology: by phone 022 251 320, 022 251 337 or by e-mail:,

Changed: 18/01/2017