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15 April, 2024

Information Technology Service

The mission of the Information Technology Service is to provide solutions for the development and implementation of information systems, of the technical policy at all levels within ANRCETI informational systems, as well as conducting the works necessary to ensure the automation of activity processes within ANRCETI.

Basic functions:
*     Develop software solutions to ensure integration of information resources and information systems within the Agency;
*     Analyze and implement new technologies in network and information systems management within the Agency;
*     Ensure the access of internal and external users to the resources of the Agency's information system;
*     Promote policies and initiatives launched by the Agency in accordance with the priorities set by the strategies of development for the sector sunder its scope of regulation;
*     Implement ICT-resource management procedures within the Agency;
*     Organize and implement the process of administration and development of information systems and IT network infrastructure within the Agency; 
*     Identify and implement policies of security and access to software and hardware resources within the Agency.



Valeriu MADAN – Chief of Information Technology Service

Education: Technical University of Moldova (TUM), Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics (1994).

Employed with the Agency since its creation (2000). Didactic activity at the department „Automation and Information Technologies” of the TUM between 1995 and 2012. Specialist in Information Technology. In 2011, for his contribution to the development of information technology and communications, was awarded the honorary title of „Master in Information technology and communications”.

Tel.: +373 22 251-313


Sergiu COPACEAN – Senior specialist
Tel.: +373 22 251-355, e-mail:

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