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26 February, 2024


The National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology released the Statistical Yearbook on electronic communications sector development in 2022. The in-depth analysis provided by this tool offers an overview of market trends and developments, as well as their impact on electronic communications users and service providers. By publishing the yearbook, ANRCETI reaffirms its commitment to monitor the sector's evolution and promote its development, ensuring the protection of users' interests and the transparent and competitive operation of the market.

Despite the complex macroeconomic context in 2022, the evolution of the electronic communications market shows a return to pre-pandemic trends, driven by the progressive digitalization of the economy and society. The analysis made by ANRCETI shows an 8.9% increase in the number of end users in the mobile telephony network for the year 2022, reaching approximately 5.13 million. The number of subscribers to fixed Internet services grew by 4.9%, and the total number of subscribers to TV broadcasting services stay stable, with a penetration rate of 64.6% per 100 households at the national level.

All these aspects indicate market consolidation and stability in the electronic communications and information technology sector. Although challenging economic developments influenced the sector in 2022, the total revenues obtained from the provision of electronic communications networks and services increased by 0.2% in 2022, reaching a total of 6.13 billion lei. Thus, it is encouraging to observe that the electronic communications market maintained its growing trend, suggesting a high degree of adaptability and resilience in the face of economic changes.

Therefore, ANRCETI remains vigilant and continues to work towards improving the quality of electronic communications services and ensuring fair competition in the market, for the benefit of users and the country's economic development.

If you wish to delve deeper into the discussed subject, ANRCETI encourages you to explore the link below to access the Statistical Yearbook.

May 2, 2023

Changed: 25/05/2023