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15 April, 2024


ANRCETI, the authority that is currently regulating the activity in electronic communications, information technology and postal communications in Moldova, was established on 17 August 2000 under the name National Regulatory Agency in Telecommunications and Informatics (ANRTI). It was created by the Government following the structural reform of the telecommunications sector in the Republic of Moldova. The reform produced institutional separation of policy-making, regulation and operating, in accordance with 1997 Directives of the European Parliament and Council in the field of telecommunications.

By founding ANRTI, the Republic of Moldova met the specific conditions of the Agreement on Republic of Moldova Accession to the World Trade Organization as regards basic telecommunications services and laid the foundation for the liberalization of telecommunications and informatics service market.

In the timeframe 2000 - 2008, ANRTI implemented a series of regulatory measures of fundamental importance for the sector development: implemented the first National Numbering Plan after the Republic of Moldova became an independent state, established the rules and principles for telecommunication networks interconnection, conducted early stages of tariff re-balancing for basic public services provided by the incumbent "Moldtelecom", ensured the conditions for the full liberalization of the telecommunications services market, simplified market entry for alternative operators.

In March 2008, ANRTI was reorganized, according to the Law on Electronic Communications no. 241-XVI of 15.11.2007, in force since 14 March 2008, into the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI). The new law, consistent with the provisions of 2002 EU Directives for electronic communications sector, provided ANRCETI new instruments to promote effective competition on the market, protect customers, ensure access to electronic communications networks and associated facilities, implement the general authorization regime for the provision of public electronic communications networks and services.

In April 2016, by the Law on Postal on Postal Communications no. 36 of 17/03/2016, ANRCETI was entrusted with the powers to regulate and supervise the postal market. The new responsibilities comprise the implementation of policy documents in the field of postal communications, of the general authorization regime for postal service provision and universal postal service, the supervision and control over the fulfillment of the obligations imposed on the universal postal service provider and conditions of the general authorization regime.

Also in April 2016, ANRCETI was empowered, by Law on Access to Properties and Shared Use of Infrastructure Associated with Public Electronic Communications networks no. 28 of 10.03.2016, to ensure the compliance with this law by holders of property rights and electronic communications network and/or service providers when obtaining and exercising the right of access on properties and shared use of infrastructure associated with electronic communications networks. The measures ANRCETI takes to implement the provisions of this law are targeted at the development of electronic communications networks nationwide, encouraging the shared use of electronic communications infrastructure, boosting investment in networks and infrastructure, as well as fostering competition between operators in this market.

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