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22 January, 2022


The National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) announces for Thursday, December 30, at 10.00, a public meeting to discuss and approve draft ANRCETI Administrative Board Decision on the Program of Regulatory Acts Development for 2022.

In the timeframe 06.12.2021 - 24.12.2021, the draft decision was subject to the public consultation procedure, on the official ANRCETI website. One provider - Orange Moldova, - provided recommendations for the project, which were accepted by ANRCETI, and included in the Summary of Recommendations, a document published on the official ANRCETI website.

According to the Information Note to the draft decision, it was developed in order to ensure the transparency of the decision-making process within ANRCETI in fulfilling its regulatory tasks in the areas within the regulator’s competence.

As a result of the public consultation, other 4 draft decision were added to the Program and thus, it includes 16 draft decisions, which provide for the development or, as appropriate, amendment of a set of regulations as provided by the legislation in the field of electronic communications and postal communications, aimed to ensure continuity of services related to number portability in the Republic of Moldova, implementation of advanced 4G and 5G mobile communications technologies, implementation of international agreements to which the Republic of Moldova is a party, preventing and combating money laundering and financing terrorism, etc.

For additional details on the approved Program, stakeholders can contact Dumitru Griciuc, Head of Regulation and Strategic Analysis Department, ph. +373 22 251 303. The meeting will take place online, via the Zoom application. Details regarding the access to the public meeting can be obtained in the timeslot 09.00-09.55, by the e-mail address: or by phone: + 373 22-251-355.

December 27, 2021

Changed: 14/01/2022