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09 December, 2022


The National Agency for Regulation in Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) updated the web mapping application Mobile Services Coverage Map and quality parameters, based on measurements performed by the National Radio Frequency Management Service (SNMFR), on 34 national roads and 45 urban localities, in the timeframe July, September - October 2020. The updated version of the map can be accessed here.

The map is a platform exclusively developed by ANRCETI, which provides users with real information about the coverage and quality of mobile services, offered by mobile communications providers Orange Moldova, Moldcell and Moldtelecom-Unite, based on data obtained as a result of measurements performed by SNMFR.

To see signal coverage at national or local road level, platform users have to choose a single provider and select one or more technologies (2G, 3G or 4G). People interested in the signal level in a certain locality must select the locality of interest in the respective tab in the title bar. Thus, based on the information contained in the section "Coverage" users can view the assessment of the average level of the mobile signal, measured per road or selected locality, with the display of each measured point, national roads with total length and border of localities, coverage rate (%) per road and locality, the total amount of points measured per selected road and locality, and the period of measurement campaigns - 2020 or 2019.

Also, in the section "Quality parameters" quality indicators can be viewed separately per roads and localities, with the option of location on the map, according to the measurements carried out in 2019 and 2020.

By means of the map, all those interested can find out which are the areas covered by very good signal, weak or even the areas not covered with signal at all. Thus, users can get a complete and accurate picture of the level of mobile signal coverage of the country.

March 12, 2021

Changed: 16/06/2021