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13 April, 2024


On August 8, 2023, the Administrative Board of the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) approved three decisions for the implementation of Law 77/2023, which amends the Postal Communications Law No. 36/2016. One of the aspects addressed by this action involves the transposition of the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2018/644 of the European Parliament and Council of April 18, 2018, as regards cross-border parcel delivery services.

As a result of this action, the manner in which postal service operators provide information is modified, including the provision of tariff information, starting from January 1, 2024. ANRCETI will publish these tariffs in a format that allows users to compare them based on the type of postal shipment and destination address. This comparator will be accessible starting the first quarter of 2024, after the postal service operators provide the first dataset. ANRCETI previously developed a similar tool for electronic communications, which can be accessed by those interested to compare service tariffs:

Additionally, the changes aim to simplify reporting procedures and digitize them. Specifically, the requirement to submit semi-annual statistical reports was annulled, while the reports will now be submitted via an online platform only once a year.

Here are the three approved Decisions:
1. Decision regarding the presentation of the list of tariffs applicable to postal parcel delivery services. The document aims to establish a transparent and equitable tariff structure for postal parcel delivery services, ensuring a competitive and advantageous environment for all postal service providers.
2. Decision related to reporting of statistical data by postal service providers. This document aims to centralize and analyze relevant statistical data for postal service providers, facilitating the monitoring and evaluation of their performance and the implementation of improved regulatory measures.
3. Decision amending Administrative Board Decision No. 16/2016 concerning the approval of the Instruction on Regulatory and Monitoring Fees in the field of Postal Communications. This document provides for adjustments and updates to the Instruction to better align with the provisions of Law 77/2023, ensuring efficiency and transparency in the regulation and monitoring process of the postal communications sector.

These decisions were developed following public consultations and represent ANRCETI's efforts to align with European standards and requirements in the postal services sector and to create a favorable environment for the development of this essential economy sector.

August 10

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