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16 April, 2024


The National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) placed three draft decisions on the website for public consultation:
1) draft decision on modification of ANRCETI Administrative Board Decision no. 8/2013 on approval of the Technical and Commercial Conditions for Number Portability Implementation;
2) draft decision on modification of ANRCETI Administrative Board Decision no. 54/2017 on the general authorization and licensing regime in electronic communications;
3) draft decision on modification of ANRCETI Administrative Board Decision no. 126/2009 on establishing the categories of radio frequencies and radio equipment the use of which is allowed without obtaining a license or technical permit.

The consultation will last until March 3, 2022, which is the deadline for submitting recommendations on documents.

All the mentioned documents were developed based on the Law on Electronic Communications no. 241/2007, with subsequent amendments, and perfectly fit into the system of related normative acts in force, does not require modifications to the existing normative framework or the additional development of some normative acts.

According to the Informative Note to the first draft decision, the amendment to the Technical and Commercial Conditions for the implementation of telephone number portability follows a number of requests from electronic communications providers. Given that the current Technical Conditions include provisions for the number portability procedure only for terminal equipment containing physical SIM cards, whereas electronic terminal equipment with built-in eSIM cards, which do not require introduction of a physical SIM card, is already available for users on the electronic communications market of Moldova available, the modifications to the Technical and Commercial Conditions aim to ensure the right to phone number portability service for all users, regardless of the equipment they own.

According to the Informative Note to the second draft decision, the persons that will submit notifications about their intention to provide electronic communications networks and/or services and/or applications for licenses to use limited resources (channels/radio frequencies/numbering) will no longer have to submit to ANRCETI: the copy of certificate attesting the registration of the enterprise or copy of the decision of state registration of the legal entity or individual entrepreneur or copy of the registration certificate of the applicant non-commercial organization, these being replaced with the excerpt from the State Register, where which the applicant is registered.

According to the Informative Note to the third draft decision, its modification concerns the permission to operate new generation WAS/RLAN devices, in accordance with European Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2021/1067 of 17.06.2021 on harmonized use of the radio spectrum in the 5945-6425 MHz frequency band for the installation of radio access systems, including radio access networks (WAS/RLAN) and ECC/ DEC Decision (20) 01. The European Commission Decision stipulates that by 1 December 2021, EU Member States shall designate and make available, without interference and without protection, the 5945-6425 MHz frequency band for WAS/RLAN installation, observing the established technical conditions.

Interested stakeholders can send comments and recommendations on draft decisions subject to public consultation, in writing, by mail to ANRCETI: 134, Stefan cel Mare Blvd., MD-2012, Chisinau mun., or by fax: + 373 22222885 or by e-mail at:

For additional information about these draft decisions, please, call: + 373 22251303 - D. Griciuc, Head of Regulation and Strategic Analysis Department, + 373 22251312 - A. Baidauz, Specialist, same department.

February 10, 2022

Changed: 17/02/2022