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07 December, 2021


The Administrative Board of the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) announces public meeting to take place on 13.10.2021, at 10.00 a.m., the aim of the meeting is to examine and put forward for approval the draft decision on statistical data reporting by postal service providers. The draft document provides for the approval of two standard forms: the SP-1 Quarterly Statistical Report (Annex 1 pdf xlsx) and the SP-2 Annual Statistical Report (Annex 2 pdf xlsx) of the postal service provider and the Instructions (Annex 3 pdf and Annex 4 pdf) on how to fill in these forms.

The public meeting will take place online, by means of the Zoom application. In order to obtain details about the access to the public meeting, interested stakeholders are invited to contact the e-mail address or call: 022-251-355, in the time slot 09.00-09.55.

The draft decision was subject to public consultations in the timeframe 17.09.2021-01.10.2021, and the comments received from state Enterprise "Posta Moldovei", as well as the opinion of ANRCETI are summarized in the Synthesis of Recommendations.

According to the Information Note, the draft document aims to establish rules for the collection by ANRCETI of the information needed to monitor the postal services market, its trends of development and to prepare annual statistical reports, so as the public is provided with comprehensive and accurate information regarding the postal services market.

At the same time, considering the multitude of changes both in the format and the content of the new forms, compared to the ones previously approved by HCA no. 19/2016, ANRCETI considers it appropriate to repeal HCA no. 19/2016 and approve a new decision.

For additional details about the draft decision included in the Agenda of ANRCETI Administrative Board meeting interested stakeholders can contact Dumitru Griciuc, Head of Regulation and Strategic Analysis Department (DRAS), Ph. 022 251 303, and Petru Basiul, Consultant DRAS, Ph. 022 251 334.

October 8, 2021

Changed: 17/11/2021