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28 July, 2021


The National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) has placed today, July 8, on its official website for public consultation: 1) draft Administrative Board Decision on approving the Methodology of state control over entrepreneurial activity, based on the analysis of risks for the fields of activity assigned to the competence of ANRCETI and: 2) draft Board Decision on approving the verification checklists applicable for the fields assigned under ANRCETI control.

The public consultation will be running until July 28, 2020, which is set as the deadline for submitting recommendations on the draft documents.

The draft regulations were developed in order to implement the normative framework for the procedure of state control over entrepreneurial activity, streamline the state control and supervision of entrepreneurial activity and, implicitly, increase the public benefit by maximizing the efficiency of ANRCETI activity when performing the control activity.

The methodology establishes the organizational and methodological framework of the risk assessment process for planning state control in the fields of activity assigned to ANRCETI and the way of giving the appropriate score, according to a predetermined scale, by relating it to the score of each criterion according to its relevance for general level of risk. The verification checklists are aimed at optimizing thee the time and effort required for control, ensuring the orientation of the control process towards the aspects related to the most significant risks.

Details about these draft regulations are available in the Informative Notes no. 1 and no. 2 to the draft documents.

Interested stakeholders can send comments and recommendations to the consulted draft documents, in written form, by mail to ANRCETI: bd. Ştefan cel Mare, 134, MD-2012, mun. Chişinău, by fax: 022-222-885 or by e-mail at: Additional information can be obtained by calling: + 373 22 251 303, Dumitru Griciuc, head of DRAS, + 373 22 251 346, Angela Ganaciuc, specialist, DRAS, +373 22 251 343, Ala Solonaru, consultant, DRAS.

July 8, 2020

Changed: 15/07/2020