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21 March, 2023

ANRCETI encourages applicants to apply for permissive documents in the field of electronic communications through Single Window

Given the need to facilitate remote interaction of the authority with the business environment, including in the context of Covid-19 pandemic crisis, the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) encourages applicants seeking to obtain permissive acts for electronic communications initiate, conduct and/ or terminate activities in the field of to submit the notifications/applications and accompanying documents, as provided by the legislation in force, through the Single Window, which operates under the Automated Information System for Management and Issuance of Permissive Acts (SIA GEAP), approved Government Decision no. 550 from 13.06.2018.

SIA GEAP enables applicants to submit the notification/application online, on the website or the public service portal: Applications for permissive documents received by ANRCETI on paper, as well as the permissive documents signed in handwriting, will be digitized and introduced in SIA GEAP, so that their issuance will take place through this system.

ANRCETI informs natural and legal persons, who are carrying out or intend to carry out electronic communications activities that according to the Law on Electronic Communications no. 241/2007, the applicant needs to submit to ANRCETI a notification/application, accompanied by a minimum set of documents, according to the forms approved by ANRCETI Board Decision no. 54/2017, downloadable from ANRCETI website, “Provider’s page”, ”Forms” section.

At the same time, applicants who do not have technical possibility to request permissive acts online can submit the notification/request and other necessary documents to ANRCETI, in one of the following ways: a) by submitting personally or by a legal representative under signature, at ANRCETI office (134 Stefan cel Mare Blvd., Chisinau mun., MD-2012); b) by registered mail service with confirmation of receipt; c) by an electronic document with electronic signature based on a public key certificate, not suspended or revoked at the moment of application.

Additional information is available by ph. 0-22-251-320, 0-22-251-310.

June 5, 2020

Changed: 22/06/2020