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16 April, 2024


According to the Statistical Report on the evolution of the postal communications market in 2021, published by the National Agency for Regulation in Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) on, the value of the postal service market increased compared to 2020, by 11.7% and was estimated at 395 million 774.7 thousand lei.

The highest growth rate - 25.8%, was reported for mail advertising revenues, which reached 836.8 thousand lei and correspondence items (+ 14.9%), reached 164 million 700,6 thousand lei. Revenues from express items increased by 7.4%, estimated at 125 million 413.8 thousand lei, and revenues from parcels increased by 4.5%, to a total of 80 million 259.2 thousand lei. Revenues from other postal services increased by 46.4% up to 24 million 564.3 thousand lei.

The analysis of postal traffic shows that the total number of postal items slightly decreased, by 3.7%, to 47 million 943 thousand items. The number of parcels decreased by 5.2% to 825.7 thousand, the number of items such as correspondence, printed matter (including M bags), small packages) decreased by 3.7%, and was estimated at 46 million 671 thousand, the number of express services decreased by 1.7%, to 446.2 thousand. From the total number of postal items, 40 million 634.5 thousand were domestic and 7 million 308.5 thousand - international postal items.

At the same time, the total volume of revenues from services within the scope of the universal postal service was estimated at 194 million 511.5 thousand lei, increasing by 18.8% compared to 2020.

The traffic of postal items under the scope of universal postal service decreased by 5.1%, compared to 2020, reaching 43 million 980 thousand items.

June 2, 2022

Changed: 22/06/2022