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15 April, 2024

Public Consultations: Draft Decision on Amendments to the National Numbering Plan

The National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) developed the draft amendments to the National Numbering Plan and delivered the document to the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications (MTIC) for review and approval. The document was displayed for public consultations on the Ministry’s Web site: The consultations are scheduled to last till July 11. Interested stakeholders are invited to send recommendations for the document before that date.

The need to amend the National Numbering Plan occurred due to the increase in the demand for numbering resources for fixed telephony, in particular for providers offering triple-play services (internet, telephony, television). The numbering resources of range “2” being exhausted, it became necessary to make available a new number range. For this purpose, as well as for ensuring the development of networks at national level and competition on the fixed market, ANRCETI is proposing to open range “3”, which, according to the NNP, is allocated for geographic numbers or numbers independent of location. Thus, the following geographical number blocks „31000000 – 37999999” and „39000000 – 39999999” are planned to be opened for fixed telephony allocation.

Under these circumstances, two codes will be provided for every geographical zone of the Republic of Moldova, one for open numbering (of range 2) and one for closed numbering (of range “3”). For example, Chisinau municipality will have two geographical zones – 22 and 32, Balţi – 231 and 331, Anenii Noi – 265 and 365 etc.

The availability of two types of numbering (“open” and “closed”) involves the use of two ways of dialing: in range “2” – the number of digits will be different depending on the call destination – local or national, in range “3”, the 8-digit number will be dialed regardless of the call destination. This way of dialing will stand until the “closed” numbering is implemented in the Republic of Moldova. The majority of European countries have “closed” numbering plans.

Interested stakeholders are invited to provide comments and recommendations on the draft decision to:, Telephone numbers: 251-103, 251-311.

June 29, 2011

Changed: 6/07/2011