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16 April, 2024

ANRCETI applying new procedure of signaling point codes administration

As of today, September 28, the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI – starts to assign to providers of public electronic communications networks codes of signaling points according to the Procedure of Signaling Points Codes Administration. The given procedure was approved by an ANRCETI Administrative Board Decision (doc. in state language), in force since September 28, 2010 – the date it was published in the Official Gazette.

The document was developed by the Agency for the purpose of ensuring the transparency and non-discrimination in the process of administration of signaling points codes, used by the providers to identify the public electronic communications networks or certain network elements in the operation of electronic communications networks or provision of services.

The procedure approved by ANRCETI establishes the structure, destination, conditions of assignment, usage, concession, modification and withdrawal of signaling points codes. The procedure is applied for the assignment and use of the following categories of codes: (1) National Signaling Point Code - NSPC; (2) (International Signaling Point Code - ISPC); (3) (Mobile Network Code - MNC).

Up to date, in accordance with ANRCETI Administrative Board Decision no.25 of 19.07.2004, the codes of the national signaling points were assigned to providers by JSC „Moldtelecom”. The Board abrogated the said decision and ruled that the holders of international and mobile codes, previously assigned by JSC „Moldtelecom”, shall keep the right to use them further. Providers that have then right to use national signaling points codes must, within 10 days, submit an application to the Agency to the effect that they are legalized and entered in the Register of Signaling Point Codes, according to the provisions of the new procedure.

The signaling points codes are assigned to the providers of public electronic communications networks free of charge and for unlimited term.

September 28, 2010

Changed: 29/09/2010