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15 April, 2024

National Short Numbers of Range „1” Dialed without Prefix „0”

Starting with January 2012, the end users from all geographical zones and public fixed and mobile telephone networks will be able to access the national short codes and numbers from range „1”, except codes „1600 - 1639”, without having to dial prefix „0”. This is a provision of the ANRCETI Administrative Board Decision (translation in progress), approved in a public session on June 23, 2011. It will become effective on the date it is published in the Official Gazette.

The Agency adopted this decision for the purpose of enforcing the provisions of the National Numbering Plan (NNP) and the recommendations of the European Conference for Post and Telecommunications regarding the use of short numbers of range “1” for the implementation of new services, harmonized at European level (single emergency number „112”, numbers for social services „116xxx”) and other services of public interest.

The decision requires providers of public fixed and mobile to start, with effect from September 1, 2011, the technical adjustments of their networks so as to enable the access to national short codes and numbers without using the prefix „0”, in due time established by the Agency. The access to codes „1600 – 1639” (IP telephony services), without dialing „0”, is due to be implemented by 31.12.2012.

The mentioned Board decision provides for the withdrawal of national short numbers:
- „117” (customer service),
- 119” (network failure),
- „18xx” (technological numbers for individual networks),
and their further reservation for subsequent use, as of 31.01.2012
- as well as the withdrawal of local short numbers „02A(B) 14xx” (auto service information, including taxi, railway/air services, medical services).

License holders authorized to use short local numbers, national short codes and numbers are required to inform the end users and providers-signatories of interconnection agreements about the withdrawal and substitution of those numbers with other numbers from the NNP.

According to the NNP, the services that are currently provided via short local numbers of „02A(B) 14xx” format will be accessed via national short numbers „14xxx” and numbers of the „0814 xxxxx” block, both categories being designed for directory services of general character: auto transport, including taxi, railway/air services, medical services. Number „117” and „119” will be substituted with numbers of the „118x(x) number block (directory services), whereas numbers „18xx” – with local numbers designed for fixed telephony.

The codes of range “1” are used for access to public electronic communications network and services countrywide, whereas the national short numbers – for countrywide provision of services harmonized at European level and non-communications services. Currently, throughout the country, subscribers to public fixed and mobile telephone networks access the national short numbers by dialing „0”.

June 28, 2011

Changed: 29/06/2011