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21 July, 2019

ANRCETI granted first license for 3G service provision

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(Press Release)

National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technologies (ANRCETI) issued, on Tuesday, August 26, 2008, to the first GSM operator in Moldova - JV „Orange - Moldova” JSC – the first license for the use of radio frequencies and channels for the provision of 3G cell mobile electronic communications services and networks. The license was handed in to Bruno Duthoit, Director of JV „Orange - Moldova” JSC, by Sergiu Sitnic, Director of ANRCETI.

Having received an application form the company, the Agency issued the license to "Orange-Moldova" directly, based on Government Decrees (no.660 of 02.06.08 and no.892 of 24.07.08) on the implementation of 3G cell mobile communications services providing for the existing active mobile operators to be granted tender-free, during 2008, licenses for the use of radio frequencies and channels for the provision of 3G communications services and networks. "Orange-Moldova" received the license after the company had paid the license fee - 8 million USA $ in national currency equivalent, established by Government Decree no.660 of 02.06.08.

The license authorizes JV „Orange - Moldova” JSC to provide 3G public cell mobile communications network and services on the entire territory of the Republic of Moldova, in compliance with standards for terrestrial radio access IMT – 2000 with UMTS radio interface and exclusively using the block of frequencies, in FDD regime -1935,3-1950,1/2125,3-2140,1 МHz and in TDD regime - 1899,9-1904,9 MHz with 34,6 MHz total bandwidth.

The license is granted for 15 years, with the possibility to have it renewed under the legislation in force for a similar timeframe.

According to the license conditions, JV „Orange - Moldova” JSC is to launch 3G services on August 1, 2009. By the end of the first year of operation the operator is to to ensure 3G networks coverage and service access in Balti and Chisinau municipalities, by the end of the second year of operation -. Comrat municipality, district centers Cahul, Orhei, Ungheni and Soroca and by the end of the third year of operation – the other 29 district centers.

After three years of operation the license holder is to ensure coverage of the territory of the Republic of Moldova, depending on market demand.

Having handed in the license, ANRCETI Director expressed his trust that the first GSM mobile operator in Moldova will also become the first 3G service provider in this country. In his turn, Mr. Bruno Duthoit, General Director of "Orange-Moldova" stated that several-month-long period of testing they intend to launch the services before this year ends or early next year.

3G specialists consider 3d generation mobile telephony offers voice services of a higher quality than GSM and substantially improves data transmission, which allows access to additional services, such as video-telephony, mobile TV, fast access to the Internet, web page viewing, reception and transmission of big-size multimedia files. They say the phone sets functioning in 3G networks can convey data at a speed 40 times higher than within 2G/2,5G(GPRS/EDGE/CDMA 2000 1x) networks.

Currently, in the Republic of Moldova there are three GSM mobile operators (Orange - Moldova, MOLDCELL and EVENTIS) and one CDMA 2000 operator (UNITE). „Orange Moldova” is the first operator who launched, in October 1998, GSM cell mobile services in this country.

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