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17 June, 2024

ANRCETI Identified Markets for Voice Call termination in Mobile and Fixed Networks

The National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI -, identified two types of relevant markets: voice call termination on individual mobile networks and voice call termination in individual fixed networks. The ANRCETI Administrative Board Decisions were published in the Official Gazette on July 23, 2010.

The first decision identifies three markets for voice call termination on individual mobile networks and the second - 17 markets for voice call termination on individual fixed networks. These networks belong to providers currently operating on fixed and mobile markets. Both decisions were proposed for public consultations and subsequently approved in a public session of the Agency Board.

The decisions were taken based on the market analysis conducted by experts from the Agency with the support of the experts from the technical assistance project of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The analyses showed lack of competition in these markets and significant barriers to entry, as well as the fact that the provisions of the Law on Competition Protection are not sufficient to address these deficiencies. The authors of the market analysis concluded that both markets are susceptible to ex-ante regulation.

Currently, the Agency is working on detailed market analysis to determine if one or more providers enjoy significant market power (SMP). If SMP providers are designated, the Agency will establish special ex-ante obligations for them to foster competition development of those markets.

In March, the Agency identified the first two relevant markets: wholesale access to network infrastructure at a fixed location and wholesale broadband access . The next step will be to identify six relevant markets, followed by detailed analysis and setting remedies designed to help stimulate competition in the identified markets and structurally related ones .

July 26, 2010

Changed: 27/07/2010