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10 December, 2022

As from July 1, 2012, fixed telephone numbners will have 9 digits

With effect from July 1, 2012, users of fixed telephony service will be able to call fixed telephone numbers, from his or from other places of the Republic of Moldova only by dialing 9 digits: national prefix "0" + code of the geographical area + Subscriber number. 

For example, a user from Chisinau will call fixed telephone numbers from Chisinau by dialing 0 22 + 6-digit subscriber number. Users from Balti will call to fixed telephone numbers in Balti by dialing 0 231 + 5-digit subscriber number. Residents of districts Cahul and Briceni, in order to call fixed numbers in their towns or other settlements within the same districts, will dial 0 299 + 5-digit subscriber number and, respectively 0 247 + 5-digit subscriber number. The same method will be used by the residents of all the districts of Moldova.

The new format of fixed telephone numbers (9-digit) is technically speaking of „closed” type, whereas the old format (5- or 6-digit) – of „open” type. The transition of the R. of Moldova to the 9-digit format is prescribed in the National Numbering Plan, approved by the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications by Order no.93 of 25.11.2011 (doc. in state language). The document provides for the transition, as from March 31, 2012, to the „closed” type of dialing numbers from range „2” and allocation of numbering resources from range „3” for the provision of public fixed telephone networks and services.  

In the timeframe April 1 – June 30, 2012, pursuant to an ANRCETI Administrative Board Decision, fixed telephone operators performed the necessary modifications to their networks, tested them and informed their subscribers about the new method of dialing. The subscribers were also given a 3-month transitional timeframe with the possibility of double dialing both the new 9-digit format as well as the 5- or 6-digit formats. The aim of the transition timeframe (April, May, June 2012) was to provide sufficient time to users to get accustomed to the new method of dialing 9-digit numbers.

During the timeframe July 1 - 31, 2012, when users dial the 5- or 6-digit numbers, they will be informed by recorded answering machines messages about the need to dial the correct 9-digit number. The answering machines will function up to August 1, 2012. 

The need for the transition to the "closed" dialing of numbers was caused by the scarcity of free numbering resources assigned to alternative fixed operators from range „2” of numbers and the need for making available numbers from range „3” to be allocated for the provision of fixed telephony services. At the same time, the new format is intended to make the dialing method used in Moldova more uniform. ANRCETI believes that the implementation of the "closed" format of dialing numbers will create prerequisites for providing the market with sufficient numbering resources for the provision of fixed telephone services.

The new method of dialing fixed telephone numbers will not have an impact on the current tariffs attention to local, long-distance and international fixed telephony services. Under the new conditions, no changes are made to either the dialing format of short numbers for emergency services "901" (fire), "902" (police), "903" (medical emergency), "904" (gas service) or to dialing the national short codes and numbers from range „1”.

June 25, 2012

Changed: 25/06/2012