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29 February, 2024

In 2018, Revenues from Sale of Postal Services Increased by 13.4%

According to the Statistical Report on the evolution of the postal services market in 2018, published by the National Agency for Regulation in Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) on, revenues from the sale of postal services increased by 13.4% compared to 2017, and reached 362.9 million lei, while the postal traffic dropped by 5.5% and made up over 57.9 million items.

The volume of revenues on the postal services market substantially increased due to the higher revenues from postal correspondence items – by 21.3%, which was estimated at 196 million 835.5 thousand lei, from parcels – by 12.5%, estimated at 51 million 134.6 thousand lei, from Express items – 1.1%, estimated at 99 million 865.7 thousand lei. At the same time, the revenues from advertising (direct) mail grew by 12.8% and reached 3 million 43.9 thousand lei, and the revenues from other postal services increased by 10.4% and amounted to 12 million 49,5 thousand lei.

From the total volume of postal revenues – 265.4 million lei (73.1%) represent revenues from international postal items, and 97.5 million lei (26.9%) represent revenues from domestic postal items.

The analysis of the postal traffic shows that the total number of postal items (correspondence, printed materials (including M bags, small packages) processed in 2018 decreased by 5.7% and reached 57 million 35.1 thousand, which is 98.5% of the volume, while the number of postal parcels increased by 12.9% and reached 492.1 thousand, which is 0.8% share, and the number of express items increased by 9.7% and reached 391.9 thousand, which is 0.7% share. Of the total of postal items, 50.8 million (87.7%) were domestic postal items and 7.1 million (12.3%) were international postal items.

At the same time, the total volume of revenues from the sale of services within the universal postal service reached 218 million 898.8 thousand lei, representing about 60.3% of the total value of the postal services market.

The postal mail traffic within the universal postal service declined by 7.1% compared to 2017, making 48 million 243.2 thousand items, which is 83.3% share of total postal traffic.

On yearly basis, starting with 2016, ANRCETI has prepared and published the statistical report on the evolution of the postal service market in the previous year. The reports are published on ANRCETI official web site and are at the following link (

April 24, 2019

Changed: 7/05/2019