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27 May, 2019

ANRCETI Launches Public Consultation of Two Draft Administrative Board Decisions

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The National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) has launched, on its Internet Website, public consultation on two draft administrative board decisions: 1) on quality indicators for publicly available communications services (.pdf) and 2) approving the Methodology for measuring and assessing the quality parameters (.pdf) for publicly available electronic communications services provided via GSM, UTMS and LTE terrestrial cell mobile public networks in 800, 900, 1800, 2100 and 2600 MHz frequency bands. The consultation will last until February 15, 2019, this being the deadline for the submission of comments and recommendations.

The Information Note to the first draft document shows that it was developed based on Art. 66 (1) and (2) of the Electronic Communications Act no. 241/2007 and aims at adjusting the normative acts of ANRCETI regulating the quality of electronic communications services to the new relevant legislative provisions and at ensuring a better understanding of the quality of services by the end-users, taking into account the development of the implemented electronic communications technologies and their convergence.

The authors of the project assert that the data on quality of the electronic communications services, which providers will publish, will include two categories of quality indicators - administrative quality indicators and technical quality indicators, which will be characterized by certain specific quality parameters.

Thus, proceeding from the number of necessary modifications, including those with reference to the need to substantially modify the structure of the current normative acts of ANRCETI regarding the quality of electronic communications services, ANRCETI has developed a new draft normative act, while it is proposed that Administrative Board Decision no. 278 of November 17, 2009 regarding the establishment of quality parameters for public electronic communications services, as well as Administrative Board Decision no. 2 of February 3, 2016, approving the standard forms for publication and presentation of information on measured value of quality parameters in the provision of public electronic communications services, be abrogated.

According to the Information Note to the second draft document, it was developed for the purpose of fulfilling the requirements of section 1.4 of the Action Plan for Implementation of the Broadband Development Program for 2018-2020, approved by the Government Decision no. 629 of July 5, 2018. The document establishes the organizational and methodological framework for the process of measuring and assessing the quality parameters of telephone services, SMS and data transfer provided via the GSM, UTMS and LTE cell mobile terrestrial public networks.

The project provides that PE "National Radio Frequency Management Service" uses the proposed methodology to provide the necessary technical assistance to ANRCETI for:
a) monitoring and verification of compliance with the obligations set out in license conditions and other normative acts, regarding the quality of mobile electronic communications services and mobile coverage; and
b) analyzing, from end-users’ perspective, the quality and performance of mobile electronic communications networks and services, by making automated on-site tests.

Also, the draft document proposes the possibility for mobile providers to use the methodology in measuring and assessing the quality of mobile services, in order to report the relevant data to ANRCETI pursuant to the provisions of Electronic Communications Law no. 241/2007.

One of the goals pursued by this draft document is to enhance the accuracy of measurements and offer the possibility to make a comparative analysis of the measurement results among providers.

Interested stakeholders are invited to send comments and proposals on the consulted draft Administrative Board Decisions, in written form, by postal service to: 134, Stefan cel Mare bd., MD-2012, Chisinau, by fax: 022-222-885 or by e-mail: Ph.: 022 251 330, 022 251 322.

The first project is available in versions: word:  pdf: 
The second project is available in versions: word:  pdf: 

January 24, 2019

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