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14 July, 2024

New Regulation on General Authorization Regime for Electronic Communications Came Into Effect

The National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) announces that on Friday, January 19, 2018, ANRCETI Administrative Board Decision no. 54 of 28.12.2017 on general authorization and licensing regime in electronic communications entered into force, following its publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova. By this Decision, a new version of the Regulation on the general authorization regime in the field of electronic communications was approved, along with the standard application forms (declarations) for the obtaining or extending licenses for the use of radio channels and/or frequencies and similar application (declaration) for the use of numbering resources in the provision of electronic communications networks and/or services.

The issuance of this decision was conditioned by the amendments to the Law on Electronic Communications no. 241-XVI of 15.11.2007, re-published in the Official Gazette no. 399 - 410 of 17.11.2017 (hereinafter - Law No. 241/2007), and the Law on regulation of entrepreneurial activity authorization no. 160 of July 22, 2011 (hereinafter - Law No. 160/2011), which establish new requirements for authorization and licensing of entrepreneurial activities.

By approving the new Regulation, ANRCETI simplified and updated the standard notification form, the classified list of types of electronic communications networks and services subject to general authorization regime, supplemented the standard Informative Declaration, which confirms the registration of the natural or legal person in the Public Register of Providers, with an annex containing the general authorization conditions, detailing the rights and obligations of the provider as established by Law no. 241/2007.

The annexes to the Regulation contain all the forms required to complete the general authorization procedure. The forms can be downloaded from ANRCETI official web site, completed and sent by interested persons to ANRCETI address. One of the annexes also contains the notification form for termination of electronic communications networks and/or services provision, which needs to be filled in and submitted to ANRCETI in case when the provider wishes to relinquish the rights granted under the general authorization regime.

The Regulation establishes that the registration in the Public Register of the providers of electronic communications networks and services, the issuance of standard Informative Declaration, as well as the duplicate, shall be performed by ANRCETI free of charge.

The standard forms of applications for issuance or extension of licenses for the use of radio channels and/or frequencies and numbering resources were developed by ANRCETI, based on Law no. 160/2011. In its decision, ANRCETI only approved those forms, whereas all conditions, form and content requirements, material and procedural rights and obligations regarding the applying, issuance, holding and withdrawal of licenses for the provision of electronic communications networks and/or services are laid down in Law no. 160/2011.

January 23, 2018

Changed: 25/01/2018