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09 December, 2022

ANRCETI holding a seminar in Balti for providers of electronic communications networks/services from north of Moldova

The National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) is inviting providers of electronic communications networks and services from the North of Moldova to a seminar scheduled for November 1 in Balti (139, Decebal str., hotel "LIDO", Conference Hall), at 10.30 a.m.  This is the second seminar organized by ANRCETI this year for the purpose of a more efficient dialogue with the electronic communications providers.

ANRCETI Deputy Director, Ion Pochin, reported that the participants to the seminar held in April 2005 in Chisinau, were satisfied with the results and requested that the regulator organize this type of seminar on-site. "We decided to organize a seminar for the operators in the North of the country, and later another one – for those in the South. We wish to make these seminars an open platform for dialogue and discussion about the current situation in the sector and the impact of the regulations issued by ANRCETI on the evolution of electronic communications in the regions of Moldova, about the challenges providers face and their solutions, mentioned Ion Pochin. 

The Agenda (doc. in state language) of the Balti seminar, entitled „Consistent implementation of regulatory acts – a prerequisite for success in launching and developing a electronic communications business” comprises several up-to-date subjects, the main of which is the discussion on the draft (doc. in state language) Regulations on the provision of public electronic communications services to end-users. This document is devised to ensure the protection of end-users rights on all the four markets monitored by ANRCETI (fixed and mobile telephony, Internet access and audiovisual program retransmission).

The document was displayed on ANRCETI Web page for public consultations and is accessible for whoever interested. For the first time, it provides for obligations for providers of Internet access and audiovisual program retransmission in terms of end-users rights protection and specifies the obligations of fixed and mobile telephony providers. The draft document also contains requirements for contracting the mentioned services, for the itemized bills and the minimum information regarding the services offered, for the provision of connection to public electronic communications networks, as well as for ways of solving the complaints from end users.

ANRCETI delivered invitations to the seminar to more than a hundred providers of electronic communications networks and services from the northern districts of Moldova. Interested parties are requested to confirm their participation before October 25, 2012 by phone: 022-251-322, 022-251-325.

October 22, 2012

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