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16 April, 2024

ANRCETI Opens Market for Providers of Virtual Mobile Services

The National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information technology (ANRCETI – is assigning numbering resources from the number block „071xxxxxx” to providers of virtual mobile networks to be used in the provision of public virtual mobile services. This provision is contained in the special license conditions on the use of non-geographic numbers for virtual mobile networks, approved by an ANRCETI Administrative Board Decision (doc. in state language), in force on 21.09.2010.

The services offered by virtual mobile service providers (Mobile Virtual Network Operators - MVNO) are widely spread in EU member countries. These providers do not have licenses for the use of radio frequencies, but they provide services by using other networks or network elements, which belong to providers of public mobile electronic communications services, based on agreements or buy minutes by wholesale from the latter and re-sell them, on their behalf, to end users. As a rule, providers of virtual mobile networks have total or partial control on SIM cards, marketing, brand, billing and client support.

According to the document approved by the Agency, the licenses for the use of telephone numbers from the 071xxxxxx number block for mobile virtual networks, where x = 0 ... 9, are issued to providers duly authorized by ANRCETI.

The license conditions lay down the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the license holders for non-compliance with those conditions. The document states that the license for the use of numbers for virtual mobile networks can be conceded under the terms as set in the regulations issued by the Agency.

The Agency specialists believe that the market opened for virtual mobile network providers will have a beneficial impact on the development of mobile communications sector and it coming closer to European standards, as well as on end users of mobile services. The entry of new providers will boost competition, a factor leading to reduction in tariffs for end users and to better service quality.

September 22, 2010

Changed: 22/09/2010