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18 May, 2024

ANRCETI Takes Part in Plenary Assembly of Network of Electronic Communications Regulators from EaP Countries

On November 21, 2018, the Director of the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI), Octavian Rău and a group of specialists from the Authority take part in the Plenary Assembly of the Network of Electronic Communications Regulators within from Eastern Partnership countries (EaPeReg). The event takes place in Vilnius, Lithuania, with the support of the European Commission (EC) and the Regulatory Authority for Communications (RRT) of Lithuania.

Representatives of the regulatory authorities within the EaPeReg Network (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Republic of Moldova) and representatives of the European Regulators Group for Electronic Communications (BEREC) are attending this event.

The Plenary agenda includes the review of EaPeReg's activity report for 2018, the election of EaPeReg Chair and Vice-Chair for 2019 and the approval of the Network activity plan for next year.

At this meeting, the Chairs of the three expert groups set up within EaPeReg: BBEWG (Broadband & Benchmarking Expert Working Group), SEWG (Spectrum Expert Working Group) and Roaming Expert Working Group (REWG) are presenting their activity reports for 2018, as well as their activity plans for 2019 for approval.

The EaPeReg Network was established on September 11, 2012, in Chisinau, at a meeting of the electronic communications regulators from the Eastern Partnership countries (PaE). EaPeReg is an independent platform that has the mission of ensuring a permanent exchange of information and experience between electronic communications regulators in the EaP and EU countries, harmonizing the legal framework of the EaP countries with EU standards and applying best European regulatory practices. Starting with 2013, the EaPeReg network has been part of a technical assistance project from the EC.


November 21, 2018

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